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The story of a brand that have evolved withits creations; Le Roi du Relax define itself through every single armchair.

The exclusive collection of relax and design Armchairs by Le Roi du Relax

What Le Roi du Relax has made is a choice that wants to combine style, comfort and technology. For decades we have been offering relax armchairs, reclining and massage armchairs, which are perfect in every sense, to guarantee each customer only the best in terms of comfort and rest.
Quality materials, modern and classy designs, attention to customer’s requests. Over time, our philosophy has created the image of a reliable, cosy and safe brand.

Our categories of Relax Armchairs

Electric Reclining Armchairs

Comfort and rest designed for everyone; elegant and technological solutions to guarantee absolute relaxation, without limits.

Rotating Relax Armchairs

360° rest enters everyone's homes, thanks to our rotating relax armchairs. Functional design combined with the elegance of the best furnishing accessories, for a relaxing experience without limits.

Relax Reclining Armchairs

The freedom to rest anytime and anywhere on an armchair with a unique style; quality materials and modern designs to bring a classic of relaxation into your homes.

Massage Armchairs

A complete and deep relaxation experience: thanks to our massage armchairs you can undergo an extraordinary moment of relaxation.

For us at Le Roi du Relax an Armchair is more than a comfortable, soft, cosy, classy seat.

To give everyone a complete relaxation experience, this is our Mission.

For us at Le Roi du Relax an Armchair is more than a
comfortable and quality seat. It can furnish with class, and give lasting moments of relaxation and rest to those who choose to rely on us.

Relax Chair Lift System Lift Person Adjustable Headrest 2 Motors Roller System

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